Tubus Technology ApS

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Tubus Technology ApS is the company behind the product TubusOne. TubusOne enables people with reduced upper limb function to communicate independently on touch screen devices. The product is 33 cm in full size, 26 cm collapsed and weighs 11 gram. It is made from aluminum and carbon fiber which makes it conductive. TubusOne consist of a mouthpiece prolonged with a straw. The user will give a slight puff of air into the straw and a piston is activated. The function is similar to a finger touching a screen as TubusOne transfers static electricity from the body to the touchscreen. TubusOne can be used with all touchscreen devices e.g. tablets, smartphones and computers with a touchscreen function. TubusOne is patent pending in EU and US, and is CE marked.

Tubus Technology ApS
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