Bionic prostheses and neurorehabilitation from pain.

  • tisdag / 26 mars / 2019
  • 14:00-14:30
  • Lokal A7


Technology has the potential to allow patients to reintegrate into society after traumatic events leading to amputations or motor impairments. In addition to the functional challenges, these patients often develop chronic neuropathic pain that further hinders their family’s quality of life as well as their own. Similarly, children born with congenital malformation face functional challenges to overcome what otherwise are life-permanent handicaps.
Dr. Ortiz Catalan lecture will be about novel but clinically viable technologies to restore patients’ quality of life. Using bone-anchored prosthesis (osseointegration), neuromuscular interfaces, and machine learning, Dr. Ortiz Catalan’s work resulted in the first bionic arm integrated directly into the patient’s bone, nerves, and muscles. Dr. Ortiz Catalan will also discuss how motor prediction technology in combination with Augmented Reality can be used to treat Phantom Limb Pain in patients for whom no other treatments were successful.


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