Why Exhibit?

People want to enjoy the best possible quality of life, but each day presents new challenges for people with disabilities. As a society, Sweden is committed to achieving equal opportunities for all to participate in the economy and the community – and the Swedish government is investing in solutions to these challenges.

Because of these personal needs and this public commitment, demand is steadily increasing for new assistive technologies to improve their quality of life. This creates a strong marketplace for suppliers of these technologies and associated services.

Launched in 1980, Leva & Fungera is the Nordic Region’s leading event for manufacturers, distributors and service providers to showcase their products and services directly to therapists, professional healthcare providers and the end-users themselves.

Leva & Fungera is the event that sets the trend in rehabilitative care and assistive technologies. It is the event that “redefines possible”.

The visitor community provides a unique opportunity for you to engage users of assistive technologies and solicit valuable feedback. How do your most important customers use your products? What do they and their carers see as the advantages and disadvantages? Their input can radically improve your future business.

Participation at Leva & Fungera is the best way to raise your profile with purchasers and users, secure your market share and gain the insights that will help improve your offerings.

Participation is a must if you wish to meet:

  • Occupational therapists
  • Rehabilitative therapists
  • Prescribers of assistive technology
  • Purchasers of assistive technologies
  • Administrators and owners of residential care homes
  • Care givers
  • Healthcare administrators
  • Nurses
  • Technicians
  • Users of assistive technology products, their assistants, carers and relatives